So I’m at Costco and I need bananas. I get to the banana section and see these bananas that look like props from the Incredible Shrinking Woman. I stood there, picking up bag after bag after bag, searching for just one bunch that are somewhat normal in size. I notice a woman standing next to me who seems to be doing the same thing. We look at each other and she says, “They’re so GREEN.” I think, “THAT’s what she notices about the bananas…that they’re GREEN?” All bananas are green at one point but I have never seen a banana twice the size of my foot. I continue to stand there for a couple of minutes seriously pondering where these things came from…are they safe to eat? Were they somehow grown with steroids or some other chemical that causes excessive growth? Should I just go to the grocery store and get some normal bananas? And then I see the thing that gets me every damn time at Costco…the price. $1.29 you say for this 14 pound banana bunch? Sold….I’ll take my chances.  But seriously – fellow Costco shoppers, is this happening in other parts of the country as well? Or is it just a Pacific Northwest thing? I would really love to know!

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