After years of buying our tree off the pavement of the Home Depot parking lot in Southern California, I was super excited to do it this year like real country folk – chop it down ourselves!  So on Saturday we headed over to one of the farms on the island with our newly purchased saw.  After inspecting tree after tree looking for the perfect one until our hands and feet were numb from the cold and after repeated choruses of “Mom, this one is FINE!   We don’t CARE anymore!  Just pick a TREE already, we are FREEZING!”  I remembered something that always seems to occur to me about 45 minutes into the Christmas tree picking process…we are going to throw this thing away in 2 weeks.  Literally.  This is not a long term relationship…I’ve spent less time buying a car I’ll have to drive for three years than deciding on a tree that will adorn ornaments made of used popsicle sticks and such.   So we pick our not-perfect tree, cut it down and bring it home.  We have 9 foot ceilings and we had to cut about a foot and a half off the tree which was no big deal.  What’s funny is that even smushed up against the wall the tree is more than half the width of our living room.  The coffee table had to go and you clearly can’t see because the tree is in the way but there are doors to another room behind the tree so you practically have to climb onto the couch to get back there but it sure smells GREAT!

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