IMG_1039 I was looking through a box of old photos and came across this Christmas Card with a picture of me when I was about four years old.  FYI, there is no disputing this is a picture of me.  I might’ve thought “Oh, cute!”….had I not read the signature line at the bottom of the card.  As you can see, the line reads “Harry, Jane, Jeff and Pam”.  Which would be no big deal except that my parents are Ron and Lorraine and my name is Janene.  Or is it?  This photo begs many questions….just who the hell are Harry, Jane, Jeff and Pam and why am I in their Christmas card?  Am I really Pam and I have three parents named Harry, Jane and Jeff?  Or if I am Pam and Jeff is my brother than why isn’t he in the photo?  Am I a twin and my sister Pam went to live with Harry, Jane, and Jeff?  So, mom and dad, IF that’s who you are, care to explain this little piece of history I unearthed?

3 comments on “FAMILY SECRETS

  1. Ga says:

    After 44 years it is time to reveal that Jeff was your brother but we had to return him to your real parents Harry & Jane because Jeff had a horrible case of “lice”; thus your phobia with lice today🐜

  2. dad says:

    don’t believe your mother. your real parents, harry and jane ( not their real names) were russian spies (the tv series, the americans, is based on them) who were caught and deported back to russia.we got you and your brother jeff from an agency but jeff was such a pain in the ass we shipped him to his parents in russia. we kept you.

  3. robyn p. says:

    This is hilarious! Nice find Pam!

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