I don’t know how long I will have to live on this island to get used to the scene that unfolded in our backyard last night.  I had to dub music over the audio of my family and I screaming (well, mostly me screaming) and scrambling to grab every camera in the house.  All you hear is me frantically yelling “VIDEO!!! VIDEO!!!” and “OH MY GOD SHE’S SO CUTE!!!!”  I figured the Disney music would be more pleasant than my high-pitched squeal for you all.

And that’s not the only baby animal we’ve seen this spring.

On the way into town, we would see baby goslings at the edge of the harbor….


And then watched them grow so fast in only a few weeks…


On a walk, we passed a mama duck and her ducklings….


Since moving here last year, I get asked all the time how I like it.  I loved last summer, fall was my absolute favorite, the winter was a refreshing change from California and not nearly as bad as everyone thinks (though the dark, rainy days caused me to bake excessively and gain five damn pounds) and now it’s spring and the flowers are in bloom, the birds chirp all day long and freaking BAMBI lives in my yard.

So though I miss our families and friends and neighbors so much, right now I am happy to be able to experience a different way of life.  And considering the fact that we have had THIRTY-FIVE visitors come and stay with us in the ten months we’ve been here (I counted) and have TWENTY more on the books for this summer, we haven’t exactly had a chance to miss everyone TOO much! And that’s a good thing. 🙂

Hope you are enjoying spring, wherever you may be!