Friday Night Entertainment On Bainbridge Island

My husband and I were born and raised in the suburbs of Southern California and New York, respectively.  Our decision to randomly pick up and move ourselves and our three children to a small, rural island in the Pacific Northwest surprised a lot of friends and family.

“But what is there to do?”
“There’s no mall at all?”
How far do you have to drive to Target?”
“What if you, like, needed to buy underwear?” (I still don’t have an answer to that one)
“You have to take a ferry everywhere?”
“Does Amazon even deliver there?” (Yup, I would not be able to survive here otherwise)

Anyway, when we moved into our house in the woods four years ago, we inherited a feral cat called “Blackie”.  The previous owners had been feeding him for years and asked if we would continue to look out for him.  We agreed.  Now I actually spend more on cat food than dog food for my actual pet because he’s a spoiled feral cat who only likes expensive canned stuff.

We feed him every day to supplement his hunting and even with that, he allows no human contact.  He has survived for an unknown (but large) number of years on this island teeming with predators.  There are cats here that don’t last a single night outside between the coyotes, raccoons, bald eagles, etc.  He has survived rainstorms, snowstorms, freezing temps and 52 consecutive days without rain last summer.

We honestly did not understand how it was possible Blackie was still alive…until tonight, when he showed us just how tough he actually is.

I happened to catch a pretty amazing exchange with my phone.  I sent the video to my family who began to mercilessly make fun of me for my narration during the event.

From my sister, “Janene is narrating like she is in Nairobi on Safari.”
From my brother, “LOL!!!! Can I post on Facebook, pleeeeassse?”
From my son, “OMG mom, you’re like better than the double rainbow guy.”

And then my aspiring little filmmaker set about editing a re-mix of my ridiculous commentary.

And as embarrassing as it is, they all convinced me to post it.  And even though I know this time people will be laughing AT me, not WITH me, I guess I’ll take a laugh any way I can get it!


5 comments on “Friday Night Entertainment On Bainbridge Island

  1. Ava says:

    good. great. amazing. nice.
    good editing. that was jack. good filming mom. good everything.

  2. Patricia Lahtinen says:

    That was so funny! I loved watching nature play out AND the running commentary AND the remix! Thank you!

  3. Fran Collica says:

    Ok Janene, you could tell Blackie I️ own a full length raccoon coat………Truth👍🏻

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