A Little More Time


See this little boy? He drove me to the store today. No, we didn’t take the Wiggles car. We took a real car, because this boy is not so little anymore.

I kept glancing over at his lanky 15-year-old frame sitting behind the wheel, and wondering how we got here, he and I, to this stage of life, so quickly.

And as we drove I realized that as much as I complain about shuttling my kids all over the place, I will miss this time together, in the car.

The car where my son drove me crazy when he was 3 and obsessed with the Aladdin soundtrack, incessantly singing “One Jump Ahead” over and over until he got it right.

Where, as a grade-schooler, he would pepper me with questions about anything and everything as we drove to and from school.

Where, as a tween, he would introduce me to new music he had found, and complain about the injustices of middle school.

And though I listened, I secretly wished for peace and quiet on my drive. Where I didn’t have to answer a million questions. Where kids weren’t fighting in the backseat, or complaining when, God forbid, I put on an 80’s song.

But suddenly, with my second child now on the brink of independence, the days of peace and quiet in the car are rapidly approaching.

And so now I find my wish has changed. I wish that I could have just a little more time. Time with those little voices singing Disney music, time with knowing exactly where they are at every moment, because they needed me to get them there and to pick them up.

Time with the boy in the Wiggles car.

But, as we all know, there is no turning back time. And so I’ll try my best to be grateful for the present, rather than longing for the past or wishing for the future.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my years of parenting, it’s that the present is actually the very best place to be.

“Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had.” – Unknown

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8 comments on “A Little More Time

  1. Patricia Lahtinen says:

    I LOVE this picture of J! Amen for gratitude for the present! This is beautifully written, Janene! Thank you!

  2. Renee Maldonado says:

    Thanks for sharing those sweet sentiments Janene…oh so true!!

  3. Aunt Jo-Ann says:

    Loved it, thanks Janene

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