My Book!

Friends, never give up on your dreams. Because it took me exactly 50 YEARS to have my name on the cover of a real live book (on sale TODAY!) and I’m kinda freaking out.

As a little girl who ALWAYS had her nose in a book, I dreamed of one day becoming a writer. Regrettably, I did not start writing until three years ago, when I was 47 years old and started I Might Be Funny. And thanks to all of your support, last year I was approached by an amazing publisher for a special project…to create a journal for moms and their young daughters.

Here’s how the book works: The journal is filled with questions, some funny, some thought-provoking. Moms and daughters fill out their own answers, and pass the journal back and forth. Once complete, it becomes a treasured keepsake of that time.

I received my first copy from the publisher in the mail last week. The book is beautifully illustrated (fortunately, not by me, NOBODY would want a book illustrated by me 😂), with quality paper, and just feels, like, heavy and fancy, and gift-worthy.

I so wish this is something I did with my mom when I was a kid, and I’m so excited to share it with my 12-year-old now.

For those of you without a young daughter, it would make a great gift for a granddaughter, niece, or friend.

This is the link to order, I would be so honored if you would check it out!

All About Mom and Me: A Journal for Mothers and Daughters


10 thoughts on “My Book!

  1. Rhonda McAnulty

    Oh Janene!!! THIS inspires me!!! ♡♡♡ I ordered it right away!!! I have a blog too, (about my challenges with Breast cancer, not once but twice!) And have so been dreaming about a book, just to share my story! ♡♡♡ thanks for sharing this and I’m super excited to get the book! Is there anyway you could sign it?? I’m your “biggest fan”. Also I’m the one who went over the moon when you responded to my post about you being my first celebrity response!!! Hahaha love ya!! And congrats!!!

    Rhonda in Alaska

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    1. Janene Dutt

      Well, I would say they need to be able to write on their own, and some of the questions might be difficult for a 4-year-old. The book is geared for girls ages 8-12, though most of the questions would be applicable to older kids as well.

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