A Lesson In Kindness

I was at a park watching my daughter ride her bike around a track. There was another mom standing off to the side, who caught my eye because she just looked exhausted and stressed.

Suddenly, the tiniest of the track riders, a little girl of about 4, tumbled off her bike and fell to the ground. A boy, around 12, riding behind her, immediately jumped off his bike and ran to the girl. He asked the little girl if she was ok, picked up her bike, and gently helped her, quite literally, get back on track.

I was struck by the boy’s kindness, and realized he was the son of the woman I had noticed earlier.

“I should say something,” I thought to myself. But an introvert by nature, I hesitated.

I finally decided to take a cue from this boy and his kind action and approached the woman. “I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am by your son. Not every kid would have been so quick to help a stranger. You must be a really good mom.”

And just like that, her face transformed. She broke into a wide smile, pride beaming in her tired eyes. “Thank you,” she said. “Thank you so much for saying that. It means a lot.”

It was a small, simple gesture, one I almost didn’t make. But sometimes that’s all it takes to make a difference in someone’s day. 

We can learn a lot from the children among us. ❀

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