About Me


I’m Janene and I’m so glad you’re here!

I write about the humorous side of life and parenting. My children once asked me 159 questions in 6 hours and I nearly lost my mind. I suffer from Pediculophobia, the fear of lice. When I’m not blogging or being interrogated by kids, you can find me combing through my family’s hair.

My work has been published on Scary Mommy, Grown & Flown, Love What Matters, Her View From Home, Perfection Pending, That’s Inappropriate, Being A Mom, TodaysMama, Parent Co., Sammiches & Psych Meds, and Humorwriters.org, among others.

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3 comments on “About Me

  1. scott schultz says:

    Janene, don’t sell yourself short (insert joke here) 😉 You are a very funny person and writer. Carrie, the girls and I all love your blogs. Keep up the good work. – Scott

  2. Joan mckeon says:

    If I did not know your mom, I’d surely say that you made all those stories up. Some I had never heard of – like the underarm and feet tale. I hope you have thanked her profusely for providing you with the funniest subject matter ever and a very laughable and as well as poignant blog. Though just a wee bit outside the norm, your mom is the best! How lucky I am to call her “cousin.”

  3. Angela says:

    Hi, Janene! It’s Angela, the LR volunteer who met you the day you adopted Charlie. (I adopted the “leftover one” 🙂 We all loved your post and video about him! just an idea, but would you mind mentioning to your readers that he is a rescue? He is beautiful – a twin to our Simon-Josef – and it would be great to share with your readers that he is not from a breeder. Always trying to educate that you can go through a rescue if you insist on a purebred. If you email me, I would love to share some photos of Simon with you – you wont believe the brotherly similarity! And, btw, you are living in my dream locale! Jealous!

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